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About Matahari

Who We Are
Matahari has been carrying a collection of hand made home decor products since 1997. Throughout the years, we have worked extensively with artisans in villages to continuously bring new products to our customers. Matahari means "the sun" in Indonesian.
Trade Partners
Most of our products are literally made in small, remote village by local artisans in their homes or small factories throughout South East Asia. We believe our trade partners are our allies in serving our customers. We treat them with respect, fairness and integrity at all times and expect the same in return. By selling these products we hope to create economic opportunities and sustainable growth for our partners.

Our Products
Our goal is to sell the highest quality products that also offer high value for our customers. High value is a product of high quality at a competitive price. Our product quality standards focus on developing and marketing products that are beautifully designed and made from natural and environmentally sustainable materials. All of our products are made from recycled or sustainable indigenous materials, and honor traditions and diversity of other cultures.

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