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In celebration of Wedgwood's 260th anniversary we introduce to you... Wild Strawberry Gold ?. A re-imagination of one of our most loved designs, Wild Strawberry Gold features stunning gold foliage and delicate hand painted butterflies

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Make the moment with our Lismore homeware collections.
Our crystal cut glassware is the perfect addition to any dinner party.
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The mint and soda in this classic Cuban Mojito makes for a refreshing cocktail, perfect for relaxing with friends.
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A twist on an iced tea with gin and spices from the cocktail spin. Best served in a Waterford Lismore tumbler.
Jason Solarek picture
April 19, 2018 • 11:01 AM
Jason at Bridge:
Looks delicious :)

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Beautiful Booze using the eye catching mixology collection to create martinis.
Discover the stories behind each collection of our unique whiskey glasses.
Ireland has a huge fashion and textile industry, dating back as far as 750 BC when they first spun their own wool. For centuries, the beautiful intertwined knitwear patterns have featured in Irish culture - which have become known worldwide. Inspired by famous Aran Islands knitwear patterns and clan heritage - Olann ...Read more of post

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Re-create one of the most famous Italian cocktails in the world, the Negroni, with this simple recipe

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